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How Hulu Helped CellDration Reach New Audiences with Impactful Video Advertising

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In a world where consumers see a wide variety of marketing messages every day, connecting with audiences in a meaningful, memorable way is a challenge that businesses of all shapes and sizes must tackle. Ads need to get noticed, watched, and remembered—and they also should be reaching the right people.

Cue Hulu Ad Manager. Hulu’s self-serve advertising platform that empowers businesses to reach highly specific audiences with high-impact video ads that connect with viewers in a way that can help businesses achieve their campaign goals.

CellDration, a company delivering enhanced purified mineral water, is experiencing this firsthand. We interviewed CEO and Founder, Rudy Byfield, to learn about his experience connecting to his customers via Hulu Ad Manager.

Hulu: Tell us about CellDration and your audience.

Rudy: We offer remineralized water that’s really delicious stuff—there is no aftertaste, no bitterness or saltiness like other waters on the market.

For our audience, we didn’t really target anyone in the beginning. We came out swinging, because, well, everyone needs water! But as you’d suspect, we have learned who our product caters to, in large part due to our experience advertising on Hulu. We get a lot of yogis and athletes, but we are really still honing in on the age and gender demographics.

This has actually made our experience with the Hulu Ad Manager platform even more interesting. It gives us the ability to access a wider audience, which seems to be paying off, but we also have the option to pitch to any and every group, everywhere. Based on feedback and reactions we are learning more about our audience. We even get people reaching out to us saying, “Hey, I saw this on Hulu, when will it be available in my market?”

Hulu: What was your goal when you started with Hulu?

Rudy: We were looking to cast a wider net. We were able to deliberately target markets we hadn’t yet populated. As a result, we received some interest and inquiries. In the past, we’ve mostly used digital platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, but in using Hulu, we’ve really sharpened the tip of the spear.

Looking back on performance, Hulu has been what has shifted the needle from one level to the next most dramatically.

Using Hulu has allowed us to do the kind of market research needed to enter new markets. We are able to target a specific area, and when we get a response, we’ve then been able to go to the local retailers and show them a need for the product. We feel most confident in tackling this with Hulu.

Hulu: What do you find more attractive with Hulu than other methods you have used in the past?

Rudy: Cost-control is one of many things we’ve gotten from advertising on Hulu.

We saw a huge impact during Black History Month. As we ran our black-owned business campaign on Hulu there was a definite uptick in sales at the cash register—and when the campaign was over, those sales dropped off again. It was a direct correlation, and we feel confident that we can get similar results from another campaign.

Hulu: What would you tell someone considering advertising with Hulu Ad Manager?

Rudy: It’s a phenomenal way forward! It’s an excellent opportunity for smaller brands like myself to get to the grand stage and tell our story. Using Hulu Ad Manager is a very easy-to-navigate, seamless process. You don’t have to be a tech guru to see success with Hulu Ad Manager—which only lends to making it an incredibly cost-effective way to get on TV.

In the past, I’ve considered other opportunities for short TV ads and the price tag was stupefying. We’ve now run two ads on Hulu, and it was really reasonable. Compared to other options, I feel I’ve got a huge bargain on this platform.

The goal of our campaign was to raise awareness and establish our brand, and we also saw an uptick in sales as a result. Hulu Ad Manager has really put the control back in the hands of brands and given us a highly impactful, economical way to convey our messages.

Learn More About the Opportunity for Your Brand with Hulu’s Self-Service Ad Manager

Thank you, Rudy, for sharing a bit about your experience with us! We love to hear how using Hulu Ad Manager has enabled you to reach new markets and grow your business!

Looking for an experience like this for your own business? Learn more about Hulu Ad Manager to discover how you can also explore new markets and see results in your own business.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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