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Alpha Omega Reaches Younger Audiences through Hulu

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A marketing campaign is only as good as its ability to reach the right audience. If your ads are not showing up in the right places, potential customers will never see your message—and as younger audiences evolve their viewing into more of a multi-screen streaming experience, businesses are looking for new ways to reach them. With the introduction of Hulu’s self-service advertising platform, businesses of all sizes have a cost effective way to reach this audience segment that can sometimes fall through the cracks.

Kathryn Aquino is part of the family business Alpha Omega, an insurance brokerage founded by her father and grandfather over 40 years ago. In her role, she wears many hats and does a little bit of everything—sometimes sales, sometimes marketing, sometimes IT. When we spoke with her, we focused specifically on her “advertising hat” and how Hulu Ad Manager helps her reach her advertising goals.

Hulu: Please give us some background about Alpha Omega and the audience you are trying to reach.

Kathryn: Alpha Omega is an insurance company geared toward those who are just starting out on their own and realizing that insurance is a necessity. As we’ve evolved into an office full of women, we’ve found ourselves focusing on women who are decision makers, whether at home or in a business.

Hulu: Which channels/platforms are currently part of your media mix?

Kathryn: We’ve used Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads. We actually never advertised on traditional TV. I feel like our business is pretty untraditional, as insurance has usually been a man’s game, so I am naturally drawn to the untraditional route. Our budget is small, too, so we’ve got to be creative with the dollars we have.

Hulu: What marketing or advertising challenges did you experience that led you to try streaming TV advertising?

Kathryn: I was never really sold on the effectiveness of social media advertising: people can scroll by and they’re pretty savvy when it comes to avoiding advertisements. Social advertising shows us that we have X amount of views, but are they actually views of quality? Are they people who are in our target demographic?

One day when I was watching Hulu I saw a local ad, and I was really surprised! I thought Hulu advertising was only large, national brands, but that experience made me realize there was an option for smaller scale businesses like us.

I was honestly surprised at how affordable it was to run an ad. I feel like, with Hulu, you get more bang for your buck.

Hulu: What do you find attractive about streaming services versus other platforms (such as linear TV or social media)?

Kathryn: I was honestly surprised at how affordable it was to run an ad. I feel like, with Hulu, you get more bang for your buck. There’s definitely something about being on someone’s TV that elevates your business, so if I can get that for a decent price, count me in!

Hulu: Tell us about why you made the choice to advertise on Hulu and why you chose us to help tell your story?

Kathryn: There were many factors that highlighted Hulu as our best option to connect with our audience:


I know Hulu. I’m familiar with the brand, and I know the kind of reach it has. So advertising with Hulu meant linking our business with Hulu—which was very appealing! Having first-hand experience with Hulu gave me the trust to take the leap with their self-service ad platform because advertising with such a well-known brand felt promising.


Knowing that Hulu catered to our desired audience made me really excited to run an ad on Hulu. I don’t feel like the younger audience watches traditional TV—everyone is streaming, so I knew we would be able to reach our audience of young adults starting out on their own. It felt like the perfect opportunity and a great fit!


I was amazed at how well Hulu was able to narrow down and target our desired demographic. We were able to get specific with location, age, etc. There are so many options to choose from. There was some demographic overlap, but it’s good that we can see our ideal client among the demographic filters. In my opinion, it was definitely a step above social media specificity!

Hulu: Tell us about the process of working with Hulu Ad Manager. How has it been working with the self-service platform?

Kathryn: It’s definitely user friendly! I set up our first ad in just a few minutes. The platform was very intuitive. The dashboard is clear and helpful, and you get reports about your ads, which was pretty interesting and insightful. We were also able to connect with an ad manager from Hulu who was constantly checking in and could answer my questions!

Overall, I’m really happy with our results and the feedback we’ve received; I think that being on Hulu has elevated our brand by association.

Hulu: Let’s talk about results. What are some key metrics you use to define advertising success?

Kathryn: In my opinion, a good marketing campaign makes the phone ring. Our first ad has been running for about a month and, after it first aired, we definitely had our phone ringing! There was a greater awareness of who we are, but we also had a lot of cool responses from current clients who called to tell us they loved our ad on Hulu—I’ve never had a response like that before! Overall, I’m really happy with our results and the feedback we’ve received; I think that being on Hulu has elevated our brand by association.

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Thank you so much for your time, Kathryn! We love to hear that your ads have been making your phone ring—businesses like yours are exactly why we started this self-service ad platform!

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