Small Business Love

Hulu viewers’ resolve to support their local small businesses was strengthened by the COVID-19 pandemic, and that love and appreciation is here to stay.

3 in 4 Hulu viewers

would rather shop at a small, local business than at a large, nationwide store.

This is especially true when it comes to restaurants (93%) and grocery stores (82%).



agree it helps generate awareness for the brand



agree it is a way to connect with the community



agree they get better or higher quality products

Streaming Ads Drive Awareness and Action

Advertising on streaming TV lets businesses display their message next to premium content and get in front of hyper-engaged audiences on the biggest screen in the home.

55% of Hulu viewers

learn about new products from a small business via ads



More likely to purchase items from a small business after seeing an ad



Tend to buy from small businesses that showcase their company values in advertisements

Looking back on performance, Hulu has been what has shifted the needle from one level to the next most dramatically.

- Rudy Byfield, CEO & Founder, CellDration read the success story

In contrast to ads on social media, Hulu makes it easy to ensure our audience experiences the entire ad—which makes all of our marketing more effective.

- Joe Williams, Digital Marketing Specialist, Spring Meadow Nursery Read the success story