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The Value of Viewability

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Businesses of all sizes know the importance of having a solid game plan in the online ad game. When the goal is maximizing viewability – ensuring that the audience you want is hearing and seeing your message – never underestimate where the game is played. Where an ad is viewed matters, and a high-quality ad environment is key to hitting a home run with your campaign. Here’s a quick rundown of how and why running campaigns on Hulu with Hulu Ad Manager increases viewability and gives your ads the screen time they deserve.

Draw A Crowd

How many eyes are actually watching an ad and for how long? Brands want viewers to take note, not opt out.

Viewers watching content on-demand pay 33% more attention to ads than viewers watching live.1 And in December 2020, viewers spent more time watching in a streaming ad environment like Hulu than in Xfinity, Sling, Spectrum TV, and AT&T Now combined.2

The Home Team Advantage

Just how many people are watching Streaming TV?

Today 90% of 13-54 year olds in the U.S. watch streaming TV.3 And, for 84% of 18 to 34 year olds, streaming is their primary source for TV.4 So it’s no surprise that between 2019 and 2020, viewership of streaming TV increased 57%, largely driven by the 79% growth in on-demand content.5

Fun fact: Hulu keeps ad breaks short and sweet—and research shows that viewers are more likely to pay attention to ads during shorter ad breaks.6

Score Marathon Wins

Binge-watching a favorite show may now be the ultimate pastime. Viewers craft their own marathon, hand-picking shows from Hulu’s huge streaming library, and settle in.

The more time a viewer spends watching, the more attention they pay to ads.

This is especially true in an on-demand environment; we even see that ad attention increases when viewers binge-watch over a 3-4 hour period of time.7 From last night’s must-watch TV and movies to classic TV hits that we know and love to award-winning Originals, Hulu is home to the high-quality, on-demand content that drives this type of time investment.

Save Money on Benchwarmers

Ever blown through an ad campaign budget unexpectedly? Many ad platforms charge based on views—especially within social media—even if the ad never actually (or completely) plays!

Did you know that Hulu only charges your campaign after the ad has been 100% watched?

That means more bang for your buck. And Hulu viewers are over 99% fraud-free8—bye-bye, bots!

Stay Focused

Target practice usually means missing the mark now and again. But when you run campaigns, you want confidence that those ads will be seen. Hitting the bullseye means finding the right audience and keeping their attention. Ads on Hulu command more attention (88%) than user-generated content (56%) or ads on a social platform (51%).9 Hulu captivates viewers—and pairs your ad with appropriate and safe content.

Stream Ads on a Winning Platform

There are a lot of names in the streaming platform game right now—and even more subscription-only and social media channels. How can you predict who will come out ahead?

When Hulu viewers were asked who are the current leaders of the streaming wars, Hulu tops the list of its ad-supported competitors.10

Hulu’s high-quality environment delivers professionally produced and trusted content to watch on-demand —which helps keep advertisers safe and their reputations sterling.

Hulu Ad Manager can increase the viewability of your ads by providing SMBs a premium environment for their campaigns. Top-tier content; options for all budgets; and engaged, widespread, and easily targeted audiences create massive opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Log-in and create your campaign today!

Download the infographic here.

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