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Generation Stream: Unpacking the Streaming Experience

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The shift to streaming is happening, and there’s no going back. We recently introduced Generation Stream – Hulu’s foundational, thought leadership research study that explores the new generation of TV viewers, taps into the streaming audience, and provides an insightful look at the state of streaming TV.

The first of five reports, Unpacking the Streaming Experience, is ready for you to download and explore! At a high-level, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Generation Stream (AKA streamers) crosses all corners of culture, spans generations, and sets the bar high for the evolution of TV and film
  • Generation Stream is made up of a mix of those who Stream Only, Stream Most, and Stream Also

Generation Stream Unpacking The Experience

  • The streaming experience isn’t a one-size-fits-all, and streaming experiences are not static. It’s a mix of lean-in and lean-back viewing, and changes depending on whether television is a social or solo event

We hope that this thought leadership piece allows you to better understand the streaming audience and where they’re going. Even more, we hope this helps provide more context on the audience you are reaching with Hulu Ad Manager and the best ways to connect with the streaming audience. Stay tuned for our next four Generation Stream reports!

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Source: Culture Co-op, Generation Stream Report, April 2020