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Generation Stream: The TV Multiverse

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Streaming has forever changed viewers’ relationship with traditional network television. The fourth report from Generation Stream – The TV Multiverse – shows the way Generation Stream is creating new “networks” of TV – constellations of fandom are forming online and becoming the new water cooler conversations that help extend the TV viewing experience.

  • 95% of Generation Stream say streaming has changed the way they watch content: from watching more content to watching niche content to being able to binge multiple seasons at a time
  • Although streamers have infinite content choices and viewing options, they long to make connections and have collective conversations with like-minded fans
  • It’s about more than just watching a show – it’s the community bonds, personal connections, and conversations that extend the TV viewing experience for streamers


Generation Stream is turning to memes, podcasts, and forming content communities as a way to create conversations and build connections through television. As an SMB, Hulu Ad Manager, allows for the opportunity for you to reach Generation Stream and their content communities right on Hulu.

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Source: Culture Co-op, Generation Stream Report, April 2020