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Generation Stream: MoodTube

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Generation Stream recognizes the power of mood, emotion, and surprise when it comes to finding what to watch next. The second report from Generation Stream – MoodTube – is now available for you to download! In it, you will learn:

  • Generation Stream is leveraging recommendation engines while also trusting intuition as they sort through endless content choices
  • Moods, serendipity and good old-fashioned browsing are making a comeback among a generation of streamers leaning heavily into their emotions
  • Generation Stream recognizes the deep need for freedom of choice and the pleasure of surprise that comes with “stumbling upon” unexpected content

MoodTubeMood directs steamers to what they watch and listen to, but on the other hand, what streamers watch and listen to directs their mood. As an SMB, we hope this report helps inform you about the way streamers are consuming both content and ads alike, based on their moods. With Hulu Ad Manager, you can reach Generation Stream at different mood-states with your ad as they stream on Hulu.

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Source: Culture Co-op, Generation Stream Report, April 2020.