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Generation Stream: Beauty in the Binge

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Streaming TV has opened the door to new ways of watching content. In the third report from Generation Stream, Beauty in the Binge, it’s clear that viewers are no longer tied to scheduled programming. They’re free to explore, watch, indulge in – and binge a wide range of content.

Binge-watching content (watching 3 or more episodes in one sitting) is no longer a trend; it has become the way we watch TV Bingeing is the #1 way 13-to-54-year-olds’ viewing experience has changed and is the definitive way Generation Stream watches TV.Bing OnWe are living in a world with exponentially more choice than ever before, and with infinite viewing hours and options, binge behavior continues to revolutionize the industry. Just as TV is pushing entertainment boundaries and expanding the way we see the world and ourselves, Hulu Ad Manager opens the door for you, as an SMB, to reach audiences like Generation Stream right on Hulu.

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Source: Culture Co-op, Generation Stream Report, April 2020