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SMB Night School with Hulu at Advertising Week 2020

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Today, 90% of all 13-54-year-olds watch TV on a streaming platform, making it a unique opportunity for brands to reach a generation of actively engaged consumers. And with the advent of self-service advertising platforms like Hulu Ad Manager, businesses of all sizes can get into the Streaming TV advertising game.

In this AdvertisingWeek 2020 SMB Night School session, Hulu’s experts will detail best practices for reaching and converting your target consumers while they stream their favorite shows—from in-depth audience insights to creative tricks of the trade.

  • Faye Trapani, Director, Self-Service Platform Sales, Hulu
  • Asaf Davidov, Vice President, Ad Sales Research, Hulu
  • Liz Levy, Vice President & Head of Branded Entertainment, Hulu
  • Maryam Garg, CEO & Founder, MODMASK

This event has passed.

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